OSTEOPOROSIS - is a condition of the bone tissue characterized by its mass reduction and structural damage, leading to increased fragility and fractures. Due to a lack of calcium your bones become so fragile that you can break them even coughing.
In the World
Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually, resulting in an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds.¹
In the U.S.
• The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimated that a total of 54 million U.S. adults age 50 and older are affected by osteoporosis and low bone mass.²
• Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease. One in three women aged 50 years and over will sustain a fragility fracture, as will one in five men.³
• By 2025, the annual incidence of fragility fractures in the United States is projected to exceed 3 million cases, at a cost of US $25 billion.4

Our Approach
A unique non-hormonal safe therapy has been developed, which regulates Calcium metabolism to increase bone density to treat osteoporosis and increase the rate of bone fracture healing.
In Vitro Studies
Cell studies demonstrate the drug providing Calcium to get into treated cells via control.
Animal Studies
The radioactive tracer method proves, while using our product the calcium coming with food starts to be effectively assimilated by the bones, while the speed of fracture healing increasing via control.
No side effects or calcium deposition in organs or other off target sites are observed via control.
Clinical Observations
The effectiveness of the product has been confirmed by traumatologists and orthopedic surgeons in uniting simple and compound multi-fragment fractures, osteoporosis-induced fractures, hip dysplasia, and various bone pathologies (cyst encapsulations, juvenile osteoporosis, etc.)
The drug is successfully tested in dentistry to treat diseases of periodontium and jaw bones (periodontitis, atrophy of the dental arch), in implantology to reinforce the jaw bone tissues directly before an implant or for post-implant rehabilitation.
Vladimir V. Boldyrev
PhD, D.Sc., Professor of Chemistry

Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, European Chamber of Science and Industry,
The Founding President of International Mechanochemical Association (IUPAC)
Elena V. Boldyreva
PhD, D.Sc., Professor of Chemistry

Honorary Doctor of the University of Edinburgh, UK
Head of the Department of Solid State Chemistry of Novosibirsk State University, RF
Eurostar-science AWARD "Applied Physical Chemistry" (for pharmaceutics achievements) 2007
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